Study Medication Linsitinib

Linsitinib is the study drug under investigation by LIDS. It is what’s called a small-molecule inhibitor that targets the primary defect that can lead to thyroid eye disease. It does this by inhibiting the overactive signal associated with TED that results in the growth of the muscles and tissues around the eye.

Study participants will be randomized to be in one of three groups; one group will take 150mg linsitinib twice daily, a second group will take 75mg linsitinib twice daily, and the third group will take a placebo dose twice daily that looks exactly like the linsitinib tablets but has no active ingredients. Though study personnel will not be able to tell a participant which study group they are in, the participant will receive the same study drug throughout their participation in the study.

Participants will take their twice-daily doses for 24 weeks.